Public Policy Partners

Our Services

Public Policy Partners LLC is a public affairs and governmental relations consulting firm based in Solana Beach, California. We team together independent consultants on an as-needed basis to best serve the needs of our clients while monitoring the bottom line.

PPP offers its political, corporate, and philanthropic clients full-service consulting services in the areas of public relations/affairs, political consultancy, media communications/campaigns, business and strategic development, crisis management/communications and marketing – all designed to achieve the public image and strategy goals sought by our individual and organizational clients.

We specialize in large infrastructure project approvals and PPP has the resources, manpower and experience to mold and implement successful strategies for businesses, organizations, political movements and individual political players.

The right consultant/advocate can help steer your aims and goals toward fruition. Success is as often about preparation and strategy as it is about the right idea and effort. Political waters can run deep and be unexpectedly turbulent. It’s important to have the right strategy and advocates in place to secure success.

PPP’s public policy campaigns are more than letters to the editor or infrequent public rallies. Today, successful policy campaigns are high-tech, organized efforts that employ experienced directors to gain the support of the constituencies and influence public opinions.

PPP research services include benchmark surveys, tracking surveys and focus groups. We determine what issues within our clients’ arena are important to voters and what issues will motivate them to go to the polls. We then develop a message, target media, detect weak or strong areas in the demographic and geographic segments and develop campaign strategies.

PPP will design a detailed grassroots plan that is unique to the situation at hand. Our experienced and skilled partners will work with the campaign to ensure this plan culminates in the desired results.

It is vital to use experienced people who know how to put your message in the right place at the right time. PPP’s expertise, coupled with extensive research and state-of-the-art a strategies, will place your message before key decision makers in an effective and cost efficient manner.

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