Public Policy Partners

Gregory Canyon LLC

In development of the first new landfill in 30 years, Public Policy Partners LLC (PPP) successfully managed all aspects of the campaigns that that authorized this long-term project, the initial initiative in 1994, and in 2004, when the future of the proposed landfill was challenged by a county-wide initiative.

Today, PPP works directly with the client to confirm their vision, enhance trust of the community, and express a strong interest in a successful project outcome. We conducted due diligence studies to gather information regarding the obstacles to acquiring the necessary permits and approvals and surveyed to gather data. PPP drove the advocacy and public policy agenda of the project investors and enlisted cooperation by building a broad coalition of stakeholders spanning the business, environmental, and public policy communities. PPP worked individually with each organization within the coalition representing refuse companies, taxpayers’ welfare organizations, water protection advocates and agencies as well as the media, political outreach groups, and educational outlets. We created the outreach message, developed a communications strategy and identified key points. PPP went directly to the public with our advocacy campaign in addition to providing investors with a clear strategy to execute conflict resolution, the promotion project urgency, and secure support and coached investors to become effective advocates on their own behalf.

Today PPP continues to guide lead stakeholders through the process of approval and compliance factors and works to create a favorable environment for project enhancement and completion which is scheduled for 2012.

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