Public Policy Partners

Brookfield Homes

Brookfield Homes ranked within the nation’s top twenty-five homebuilders, operates in five local markets areas: San Francisco Bay Area, Southland/Los Angeles, San Diego/Riverside, and Sacramento in California, and the Washington D.C. Area; each with a team of professionals who understand the needs of their consumers and actively participate in the local community.

Brookfield Homes has been building homes in these markets since the mid-1990’s as a wholly owned subsidiary of Brookfield Properties Corporation.

As big box retailers are a hot topic in any city and in San Marcos California the Proposition F campaign was politics at its most contentious. This major land use initiative managed by Public.

Policy Partners focused on the long-term welfare of community members in need of affordable housing and small business owners who have experienced multiple barriers to viable profitability.

We worked individual to individual and business to business to hear concerns and both confirm the vision of the client while including the input of the rest of the community to enhance wide-range support. PPP formed a structured community advocacy group to aid the client, and enhance Brookfield’s success in building a community friendly development.

The opponent who, according to a new Case Western Reserve University study, spent more money lobbying Congress than other business organization, however through diligence and concise, cost conscious efforts, PPP prevailed.

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